Lenten: 40 days of Grace 2016
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Lenten: 40 days of Grace 2016

Jesus Rescues 2-15-16

Quest for Hope

Jesus Rescues 2-15-16

Psalm 80:3-7


Adam and Eve stepped into rebellion against God; this rebellion set humanity on the wrong side of God’s love.  Yet, God continues to ask for our devotion; we all get to respond to His offer for relationship.  The most beautiful part about the love of God is, even though humanity fails at responding obediently to His love, He still makes a way to come back and rescue us.  No greater love!



Our passage from Psalms reminds us about the faithful and loving God who comes and rescues.  Israel has chosen rebellion; God responds by remaining distant.   When things become desperate, because we do reap what we sow, the people cry out to God and He responds with love.   God promises to send the Anointed One to save and rescue humanity.   Jesus is the Anointed One.   When we find God distant, may we turn to cry out to God for salvation and restoration, because Jesus rescues.  



Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank You for not giving up on me even though I have rebelled against Your heart and ways.  Forgive me; rescue and restore me in righteousness to You.  Thank You, Jesus, for bringing Your anointing to my life which rescues me from my own weakness.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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