Genesis: The Beginning 2016
Sunday Worship 9:45am - Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm
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Genesis: The Beginning 2016

C2C Church, Seminole Florida

Connect2Christ Church is a Non-Denominational Church Located in Seminole Florida. We are built on the foundation of Connecting Worship with Missions in our Local Area.

  • Our Worship is  - Inspiring, Uplifting and Focused on God!
  • Our Music is - Singing, Praising, Acting and Nurturing.
  • 18 Musicians - Serve on our Ministry team. Check Us Out!

Making Connections...

We are so happy you have chosen to connect with us through our Seminole Church website.  Life is a journey and God has created us for relationships--connections.  Therefore, our goal, on the path of life, is to be in agreement with God's desires by developing and supporting healthy relational connections. In the power of the cross, we find ourselves reaching vertically to God and horizontally to our fellow traveling companions; 2 powerful ways to connect to Christ we call worship and mission.

Since our sovereign God is the Source of life, we need to make that relational connection the most important. By doing so, we honor the eternal covenant (promised agreement) God made to love and provide for His people.  This connection positions us to open ourselves up to make Christ the Lord of our lives; a posture of worship--connect to Christ.  Making this vertical connection is the beginning, but we must continue making more connections.

Jesus commanded, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  A second is equally important:  Love your neighbor as yourself." (Matt. 22:37-39 NLT)  Our responsibility as God worshipers is to connect and reach out to others who need God, through mission--connect through Christ.

In this world, we find escalating challenges; discouraged and desperate people in need of an experience with the Love of God found in Christ.  An experience so powerful, he or she will want to make the rest of life's journey connected to the Savior.  God's Word is a Light and God's Spirit leads the Way for eternal connections.

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We are so happy you have chosen to connect with us through our Seminole Church website.  Life is a journey and God has created us for relationships--connections.  Therefore, our goal, on the path of life, is to be in agreement with God's desires by developing and supporting healthy relational connections. Learn More

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